The story of missing aircraft VH-MDX

During the night of Sunday 9th August 1981, a light aircraft registered VH-MDX disappeared on or near the ranges associated with Mt Barrington with five people on board.

A large-scale nine-day search involving organisations including NSW Police, Bushwalkers Search and Rescue NSW (B S&R) (BSAR NSW), National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS), WICEN NSW, Cave Rescue, Volunteer Rescue Association (VRA), State Emergency Service (SES), NSW Forestry, Fire Search and Rescue, and the Water Board was commenced.

Numerous searches have been conducted over the years by individuals, NSW Police Rescue, the Defence Force, and a number of other emergency services. No trace of the aircraft or its occupants has been found.

Bush Search and Rescue NSW (BSAR NSW), a volunteer squad specialising in remote area search and rescue, was involved in the initial search for VH-MDX in 1981 and has continued searching for the aircraft on a regular basis for over thirty years. BSAR NSW has not and will not, give up on locating VH-MDX.

This website has been established by a small number of BSAR NSW members as a dedicated, central point for sharing information that will ultimately lead to locating VH-MDX.

We do not wish to engage in political, self-interest or legal related activities. Our main objective is to complete the original task of locating VH-MDX and the five occupants to offer closure to families and friends whilst refining our search and search management techniques as we do so.