The Barrington Wilderness Area offers a good variety of snakes, unpredictable weather conditions, loose scree and stinging trees to name a few hazards.

Consider being bitten by a snake or having a large branch fall on you in the gusty winds that frequent the Barrington Wilderness Area. The way out is normally the way in: by foot. Could you or your group perform the extraction in the steep terrain and thick vegetation?

Do not think it wont happen: one of our members was bitten by a venomous snake during a VH-MDX search.

Triple or double canopy coverage often precludes the use of helicopter extraction in many cases.

Strong competency in remote area first aid is a necessity. Venture a few hundred meters into the bush from a road in the Barrington Wilderness Area and you are in a remote location.

Carrying a registered PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) is viewed as essential as is an appropriate first aid and survival kit. Additionally, simply carrying great equipment does not mean much without appropriate training on its use.

Activating a PLB does not mean the cavalry will come and extract you in a few hours. Simply locating you could take days. PLB’s are discussed here: http://www.bwrs.org.au/?q=faq-plb-epirb

Notifying a responsible person of your intentions in as much detail as possible is also viewed as essential. The more information you provide, the quicker you can be found.