Search records

Search records assist with search planning to minimise duplication or to justify re-searching an area. Sadly, many search records have been lost.

BSAR NSW are progressively┬ápopulating the interactive map on this website with GNSS (‘GPS’) search tracks and general areas searched before proliferation of GNSS. This process will take a significant amount of time.

If you or your organisation have search records to contribute please provide as much of the following information as possible. Indeed for new searches adherence to the following guidelines is strongly recommended:

  • Name of organisation and team leaders for each search group
  • Date of search
  • Electronic GNSS track files of the search (e.g. .gpx files)
  • GNSS locations of significant terrain or vegetation that impeded the search or may have prevented an effective search in that area
  • Likeliness during your search when considering prevailing conditions and environment of detecting objects the size of:
    • a small car such as a VW GOLF and,
    • a soccer ball

<November 2016: Some search records are now visible on our interactive map>