Many thanks are due to the following organisations or individuals for their significant contribution to VH-MDX research:

The National Archives of Australia

Significant assistance has been given to one of our poeple in locating archived documents to enable clarification and confirmation to many areas of the VH-MDX puzzle. Many thanks go to the research officers and executive staff of the National Archives of Australia for their commitment to the VH-MDX project.

The Airways Museum and Civil Aviation Historical Society

Individuals from this voluntary organisation have clarified and provided technical documents to verify many aspects of the Air Traffic Services system in place during the VH-MDX accident.  In particular, providing support to one of our people’s detailed analysis into the Sydney Air Traffic Control radar system of 1981 has been very helpful.

Air Traffic Control Officers and Radio Technical Officers

Former Department of Transport and Royal Australian Air Force Air Traffic Controllers and Radio Technical Officers have provided much support in clarifying technical and procedural aspects of the Air Traffic Services in place during the VH-MDX accident. The time given by these professionals is much appreciated and without their input many incorrect conclusions would have been made.

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

Over the years, the Gloucester NPWS office has provided excellent support and advice to VH-MDX searches. Much appreciation goes to the NPWS staff involved over the years for their significant assistance.