Can you help?

VH-MDX needs your search records!

Over the years, many people have searched for VH-MDX but there has been no centralised record of searched areas. This has resulted in previously searched areas being searched again resulting in wasted efforts and increased time to locating VH-MDX.

We are collating search records from all individuals and groups from the very first official search to efforts by individuals over the years and presenting the information in an on-line map within this website.

Please send us your GPS tracks, copies of originals of maps with searched area information on them or even just a narrative of where you have searched.

VH-MDX will not be found alone: it will be found by the efforts of many people.

Do you have audio recordings of the VH-MDX event?

We are attempting to obtain the most original and complete communications audio recordings of the VH-MDX event.

If you have an old compact cassette version of the communications recordings please contact us.

We are also attempting to locate a 1/4″ reel to reel version produced by the Department of Transport ¬†from the 1″ reel to reel originals. If you have come across this version in your employment please contact us.

Records and materials

If you have any information regarding the VH-MDX event boxed up in you garage such as search maps or official records or GPS track files from searches you have conducted please contact us. They are not so useful where they are!

Locating VH-MDX relies on amalgamating many small pieces of the puzzle including the pieces you have.

If you have potential hearing or sighting reports of VH-MDX please contact us.

Universities and Professional Organisations

Universities and professional organisations can bring a more timely closure to the VH-MDX mystery.

Areas currently requiring your input are:

– Radar propagation tasks

– Remote area sensing

All offers of assistance would be voluntary as we are a group of volunteers with no budget for VH-MDX.

The challenge of locating VH-MDX is a great opportunity to market your capability or to provide a worthy research task for students.

Remote sensing

Appropriate to task remote sensing will be a key player in speeding up the location of VH-MDX. Organisations can test their remote sensing technologies on one of Australia’s greatest aviation mysteries and be part of the solution to offering closure to family and friends of the accident. Foliage penetrating radar (FOPEN) in particular is of interest to us.