A clearance through RAAF Williamtown airspace was suggested to the pilot of VH-MDX by Sydney Flight Service  just after Taree.

After the pilot of VH-MDX agreed to the pursuit of such a clearance, Sydney Flight Service called the RAAF Williamtown Air Traffic Control Officer via intercom.

After briefing the RAAF Williamtown Air Traffic Control Officer about VH-MDX and requesting the likeliness of a clearance, this is what the RAAF Air Traffic Control Officer replied with (extracted straight from communications transcripts of the recorded discussion):

FIS5:SEC1:WLM LL+VHF (dragged) copy 2

The audio of this communication is also available.

It is fairly clear to see that the RAAF did not push VH-MDX to hold or to track around RAAF Williamtown airspace.

In fact, a clearance was almost immediately available.

Communications transcripts also reveal a number of civilian aircraft operating with ease in Williamtown airspace on the night of the VH-MDX accident.

The request for a clearance through RAAF Williamtown and the response is shown below in the transcript extract.

FIS5:SEC1:WLM LL+VHF (dragged) copy

Accordingly, evidence shows that Williamtown did not hinder VH-MDX’s progress or send the aircraft inland.