A three area approach was suggested by Glenn Strkalj to offer both stability and flexibility in VH-MDX research and search operations. The Maximum Possible Extent (MPE) is the first and largest area of this series.

What is the area based on?
This boundary considers maximum deviations of parameters such as radar position, airspeed and flight time. The result is a boundary that VH-MDX is highly unlikely to be located outside.

Why is the MPE needed?
Previously, VH-MDX areas of interest derived from reports of wreckage or flight path theories have been located well outside this boundary. Accordingly, there is a need to produce a boundary such as the MPE.

How is the MPE used?
Searches for and, detailed intelligence collecting regarding VH-MDX impact areas should not be conducted outside this boundary.

A coarse filter with a low risk of the boundary moving significantly with time is provided by this analysis.

<The MPE is being updated>