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    VH-MDX search activities for 2017 commenced last weekend.

    A number of VH-MDX search activities both small and large scale are planned for 2017 that will make it a busy VH-MDX year.

    BSAR NSW are constantly looking for and inviting new emergency services units to our Barrington activities.

    Requirements for search members:
    – Must be a member of an emergency services organisation
    – Must be ‘bush fit’ and able to walk in steep terrain and significant vegetation all day
    – Self reliant with food, equipment and first aid in a remote bush area
    – Sense of humor helps
    – Able to work under the command of other organisations
    – Able to work in small teams with low authority gradients.

    If you think your unit has suitably fit, experienced and trained members to participate please contact us via the ‘Contact us’ feature on this website.



    BSAR NSW ran a medium scale search exercise last week.

    The exercise was designed to offer a progressive lead-in to the Barrington Wilderness Area for emergency service units.

    Attending were BSAR NSW, The Hils SES, Central Coast VRA and NSW Ambulance Special Operations Team (SOT).

    SOT provided excellent emergency response coverage whilst also educating participants in some pertinent basic first aid.

    Casualty scenarios were run with multiple simultaneous events at times to exercise and test everyone from the search team member, to NSW Ambulance to the Command Post members.

    Participants worked very well together in a mixed service environment and we look forward to seeing these participants during the annual Barrintgon SAREX in September.


    Admin GS

    BSAR NSW is in the final preparations for the annual Barrington SAREX (Search and Rescue Exercise).

    The Barrington SAREX is a large-scale multi-agency exercise run by BSAR NSW that tests and develops NSW’s Remote Land Search and Rescue (SAR) capability whilst searching for missing aircraft VH-MDX and it’s five occupants.

    This year there are many Remote Land SAR test and development objectives to achieve. There is likely to be a solid turnout this year with he following units attending:
    – BSAR NSW
    – NSW Ambulance Special Operations Team (SOT)
    – NSW Police Rescue and Bomb Disposal Unit
    – RFS Remote Area Firefighting Team (RAFT): Central Coast and Mid Coast
    – SES Marrickville and The Hills
    – VRA Central Coast VRA

    This year’s search will mainly focus in a 2016 bush-fire affected area to take advantage of the cleared vegetation. Such conditions will allow search teams easier and more efficient progress and the ability to ‘tick off’ a significant area with relative ease.

    We wish all attendees well and look forward to building a strong NSW team spirit at the SAREX.


    Admin GS

    Another Barrington SAREX is complete. VH-MDX was not located.

    This year’s SAREX was focused in a recent bushfire affected area: too good an opportunity to miss given that the fire cleared most undergrowth. Our teams were able to move relatively easily without getting caught up in vegetation although the terrain was steep, in some areas around 60 degrees inclination.

    BSAR NSW Team Leaders lead Central Coast VRA, RFS RAFT and SES members into some challenging terrain. Police Rescue and Bomb Disposal Unit had a search team this year whilst NSW Ambulance SOT provided emergency teams. I am proud to say all field members performed very well and with high spirits. The hand picked multi-agency field teams worked very well together with all agencies working as one team. We are very pleased with their performance!

    The Hills SES provided effective (as usual) chainsaw teams and transport capacity to supplement BSAR NSW’s organic transport capability.

    WICEN NSW provided solid radio communications as usual.

    Scree and snake hazards were abundant with a number of scree falls and many snakes seen and almost trodden on.

    Scenarios involved locating planted aircraft wreckage, casualty reports, RPAS (drone) support of casualty affected teams and casualty extractions. The latter was particularly challenging. Never think that help will arrive quickly in the Barrington Wilderness Area even if you are a few hundred meters off a main road in the bush and even if there is a dedicated emergency team standing by locally.

    Many thanks go to NPWS for permission to conduct the SAREX.

    This SAREX concludes Barrington search activities for 2017.

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